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ILINX 8.0 General Features
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 certification
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 certification
  • Microsoft Office 2016 certification: Desktop version of Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 are now supported
  • Enhanced auditing and logging: Formalized user auditing split out from server logging
  • New online help system with end-user and administrative guides:
  • See it today at
  • ILINX Capture and Content Store custom menus: Add your own custom menu items to the main Help menu in the ILINX clients
  • Install & upgrade enhancements:
  • Solutions to allow non-administrators to install/upgrade ILINX database – operations that require administrative privileges are provided as scripts which can be given to your DBA for execution
  • Automatically upgrade built-in ILINX Capture extension code
  • Enhanced SDK samples and technical guides
ILINX eForms 8.0
  • The ILINX eForms product has been completely refactored for the 8.0 release and includes tons of new capabilities, improved ease of use and performance, and full web and mobile compatibility.
  • Fast & easy layout with rich styling
  • Robust theme creation
  • Point & click form logic
  • Payment processing integrations
  • Automatic notifications
  • Very mobile friendly, any platform/device
  • Forms “live” throughout workflow
  • Human Activities are assigned one or more forms
  • “Public” mode for embedding in web sites
  • Use within Capture and Flex clients
  • File upload size and format restrictions
ILINX Flex 8.0
  • The ILINX Content Store Flex product has been significantly enhanced in 8.0 to include ubiquitous access to ILINX eForms and ILINX Capture workflow capabilities. In addition to accessing ILINX Content Store functionality, users can now:
  • Create new ILINX Capture workflow batches via ILINX eForms
  • Execute ILINX Capture workflow views to interact with batches as they move through the business process
  • Interact with ILINX Capture workflows using ILINX eForms
ILINX Capture 8.0
  • Enhanced Linking ILINX Content Store Applications to Capture Documents: link existing ILINX Content Store applications to ILINX Capture batch document types while retaining the ability to modify the linked ILINX Content Store application definition.
  • ServerExtension IXM enhancements:
  • Configuration User Interface: The ServerExtension IXM has been enhanced to allow developers to expose a configuration user interface directly within the ILINX Capture workflow design environment.
  • Extension Library: When you upload your server extension it is automatically placed into the ILINX Capture workflow extension library. The ILINX Capture workflow extension library allows you to reuse your server extensions from any capture workflow and at any point in any business process.
  • Built-in GetBatchInfo/SetBatchInfo: Several of the ILINX Capture IXMs have been enhanced to include automatic GetBatchInfo/SetBatchInfo operations:
  • FlowDecisionEx
  • AssignEx
  • Release (includes document binaries)
  • Format Converter (includes document binaries)
  • Create Stamp (includes document binaries)
  • New Point & click IXMs:
  • AssignEx: Assign batch or document fields to other batch or document fields or to a literal value
  • FlowDecisionEx: Define a flow decision based on any number of batch fields
  • Additional ILINX Capture workflow enhancements
  • New ILINX Capture workflow icons for easier visual recognition of workflow steps and operations
  • New eForms PDF generation IXM allows you to generate a PDF document for any ILINX eForm at any point in your workflow
  • New Stop Workflow IXM for easier control of workflow termination
  • Copy Human Activity security settings between groups. This feature significantly speeds up the process of setting up security for your workflow users.
  • Define custom user groups for concurrent usage reports
  • Enhanced error messages when accessing locked or completed batches
  • Enriched batch History with more detail and clearer descriptions of events
  • Batch index fields can now be used in database lookups for both index fields and picklists
ILINX Capture Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX 8.0
  • ILINX Capture Connector for Dynamics AX has been enhanced to support the ability to insert invoices directly into Dynamics AX. Inserted invoices can include line item details, lines distributions, and attachments to the invoice image within ILINX.
ILINX Capture 8.0 Module Enhancements
  • Format Converter:
  • Enhanced PDF conversion quality and performance
  • New RTF to PDF option
  • Built-in searchable PDF generation
  • Release
  • Enhanced processing control for loose page processing
  • “Check-in new version” option when releasing into ICS
  • Capture Mobile clients: Significant enhancements across both iOS and Android apps including:
  • Auto-snap for document photos
  • Image size reduction and black & white conversion
  • Configurable white-list for specific devices/models
  • Help wizard for first-time users
  • Forced re-authentication based on configurable time period
  • Off-line mode so users can continue to take photos and assign metadata as well as an outbox resubmit capability for when they are reconnected to the network or cell service
  • Security enhancements, HTTPS, and more…
ILINX Capture Mobile SDK 8.0
  • Programmatic access to ILINX Capture Mobile capabilities and prebuilt user interface panels
ILINX Content Store 8.0
  • Data-only Views: New in ILINX 8.0 is the ability to define data-only views that allow users to search for, and display, records from external databases directly within the ILINX Content Store interface.
  • New “Can search for documents” security setting allows administrators to allow/deny access to the specified application folder.
  • Enhanced view capabilities now include:
  • View sorting options
  • User-defined search field prompts
  • Ability restrict search operators and assign a default
  • Document auto-open on single hit
  • Updated SDK samples and functionality
  • External Repository Connectors: new in the 8.0 release is the ability to retrieve and display documents from external content management systems including Oracle Imaging and Process Management (IPM) 10g. This feature is very useful when migrating from a legacy content management system to the ILINX Content Store platform as it allows users to access day-forward content alongside the legacy content while the legacy content is being migrated in the background.
ILINX Export 8.0
  • The ILINX Export Public Search tool now automatically converts TIF documents to PDF.
  • Generate PDF reports for all job types
  • New advanced scheduling capabilities that include; start time, stop time, and day of week. This scheduling can accommodate any number of processing windows.
ILINX Export Retention Management 8.0
  • Increased approval performance for very large batches of RM documents
  • The ability to use ILINX Content Store views to identify content for RM processing
  • Enhanced logging for all RM affected content
  • Individually approve and view documents directly from the RM approval interface
ILINX Export Event Tracker 8.0
  • Added dynamic report header size configuration for generated PDFs
ILINX Import
  • Custom *.exe target for creating custom file processing solutions that leverage the ILINX Import framework for error handling, logging, and email reporting
  • Performance enhancements for:
  • Job storage
  • Enhanced logic for inbound file processing
  • Specify user account type for configured user i.e. built-in or Active Directory
  • Ability to place all files found in a file system folder into a single batch when submitting to ILINX Capture
  • Added the ability to generate detailed PDF reports for all job types
ILINX Import Document Upload
  • Added HTTPS support
  • The ILINX Import Document Upload Tool now has the ability to virus scan inbound documents prior to delivering them to ILINX Capture
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