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ILINX 7.1 General Features
  • Built-in concurrent user tracking reports
ILINX Capture 7.1 New Features
  • Workflow prompted views allow privileged users to apply additional filtering criteria at run-time
  • Extensibility enhancements:
  • New custom panel “Save” API method
  • Enhancements for the batch and file creation capabilities for custom applications and extensions
  • Enhanced extension delivery capabilities including:
  • Enhancement delivery performance
  • Elimination of ILINX dependency DLL deployment requirements
  • New programmatic access to current user account name, full name, and email
  • New methods to hide/show the thumbnail, index, and viewer panels
  • Enhanced sample code
  • Controlling availability of batch profiles for different ILINX clients
ILINX Content Store 7.1 New Features
  • Combined Search and Views tabs for increased productivity and ease of use
  • Annotation usability enhancements
ILINX Email Import 7.1 New Features
  • Admins can now control which batch profiles are available from within the interface
ILINX Export 7.1 New Features
  • ILINX Export now supports the use of ILINX Content Store views for identifying content to be processed
ILINX Import Document Upload Tool 7.1 New Features
  • Major user interface enhancements to deliver a more streamlined user experience for your customers
  • New and powerful configuration and styling options
ILINX 7.0 General Features
  • SQL Server "at rest" and "transmission" encryption certification
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 certification
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federated Service (ADFS) 3.0 certification
  • Security/vulnerability testing and certification by Veracode
  • ILINX clients now require .Net 4.5
  • No longer compatible with Microsoft Windows XP
  • Client session timeout management
  • Windows Integrated Security for auto-login
  • Enhanced logging/auditing
ILINX Capture 7.0 New Features
  • Workflow views: getting just the right tasks to just the right people
  • Advanced workflow thresholds
  • Leverage ILINX Content Store applications for ILINX Capture batch documents
  • Include additional capture-only index fields
  • Productivity enhancements
  • Persisted batch locking
  • New security privilege to allow users to unlock other user’s locked batches
  • New global queue to access completed batches
  • Auto-collapse option for the work list
  • Auto-unlock of the current batch when the browser is closed
  • New security privilege to allow groups read-only access to certain batch profiles
  • Ability to “suspend” a batch – also suspends threshold processing
  • Horizontal orientation option (views only)
  • Extensibility Framework Enhancements
  • Efficiency improvements in extension deployments
  • Custom panel enhancements
  • Dynamic data storage for extension code
  • Automatic Get/SetBatchInfo for ServerExtension IXM
  • Enhanced Mobile Apps
  • Database lookups for field values
  • Database-driven picklists
  • Regular expression validations
  • Performance improvements
ILINX Content Store 7.0 New Features
  • ILINX Content Store Views: easily find just the right information
  • Combine full-text criteria with structured criteria for Advanced Searching
ILINX Content Store Flex 7.0 New Features
  • Built-in PDF viewer
  • Several usability enhancements
ILINX Capture Format Converter 7.0 New Features
  • Configuration user interface enhancements for usability
  • Ability to generate JPEG compressed TIFF images for smaller-sized images
ILINX Release 7.0 New Features
  • Enhanced and updated FileNet support
  • Additional and enhanced API methods for greater programmatic control
ILINX Export 7.0 New Features
  • Retention Management improved document destruction auditing and interface usability
  • Custom post-processor capability
ILINX Import 7.0 New Features
  • Ability to import and assign annotations to inbound ILINX Content Store images
  • Ability to import and assign document comments to inbound Content Store documents
  • Metadata generation and consumption enhancements
Document Upload Tool 7.0 New Features
  • Ability to specify a custom confirmation page for successful uploads
  • Several interface enhancements for easier use
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